SlipStream Clojure client library to query the legacy parts of the SlipStream server API. This currently covers all of the cloud application and management functions.


Query SlipStream Run

Library looks for the configuration file named slipstream.context in the following places and in defined the order

1. in the resources directory defined for the JVM
2. current directory
3. in user home directory
4. /opt/slipstream/client/bin/
5. /opt/slipstream/client/sbin/
6. system temporary directory

Here is an example of slipstream.context

diid = <uuid-of-slipstream-run>
cookie = com.sixsq.slipstream.cookie=<cookie-content> Path:/
serviceurl = https://nuv.la
node_instance_name = orchestrator-exoscale-ch-gva

Require the run namespace and use the function to interact with the run

(require '[sixsq.slipstream.client.api.run :as r])

(r/action-scale-up "web-server" 3)

Contacting server in insecure mode

For contacting server in insecure mode (i.e. w/o checking authenticity of the remote server), provide :insecure? true in req map in sixsq.slipstream.client.api namespaces. Alternatively, re-set the root of authentication context with

(require '[sixsq.slipstream.client.api.authn :as a])
(a/set-context! {:insecure? true})
(deploy ..)

or wrap the API call for the local rebinding of the authentication context as follows

(a/with-context {:insecure? true} (deploy ..))