All of the SCRUD (search, create, read, update, and delete) actions for CIMI resources.

Note that the return types will depend on the concrete implementation. For example, an asynchronous implementation will return channels from all of the functions.



(add this resource-type data)(add this resource-type data options)

Creates a new CIMI resource of the given type. The data will be converted into a JSON string before being sent to the server. The data must match the schema of the resource type.


(cloud-entry-point this)

Retrieves the cloud entry point. The cloud entry point (CEP) acts as a directory of the available resources within the CIMI server. This function does not require authentication. The result is returned in EDN format.


(delete this url-or-id)(delete this url-or-id options)

Deletes the CIMI resource identified by the URL or resource id from the server. Returns a map with the result.


(edit this url-or-id data)(edit this url-or-id data options)

Updates an existing CIMI resource identified by the URL or resource id. The data must be the complete, updated data of the resource. Returns the updated resource in EDN format.


(get this url-or-id)(get this url-or-id options)

Reads the CIMI resource identified by the URL or resource id. Returns the resource as EDN data.


(login this creds)

Uses the given credentials to log into the SlipStream server. It returns a tuple of the login status (HTTP status code) and a token (cookie). The token may be nil even on a successful login depending on the concrete implementation.


(logout this)

Removes any cached credentials and/or tokens. Subsequent requests will require the client to login again.