A synchronous implementation of the CIMI protocol. All functions return the results as a clojure data structure.

NOTE: The synchronous version of the API is only available in Clojure.


(->cimi-sync async-context)

Positional factory function for class sixsq.slipstream.client.sync.cimi-sync.


(instance)(instance endpoint)(instance endpoint default-options)

A convenience function for creating a synchronous, concrete instance of the CIMI protocol. Use of this function is strongly preferred to the raw constructor (->cimi-sync).

If the endpoint is not provided or is nil, the default endpoint will be used.

Optionally, you may also provide a default set of options that will be applied to all requests. The supported option is:

  • :insecure? - a boolean value to turn off/on the SSL certificate checking. This defaults to false. This option is only effective when using Clojure.

You can override your provided defaults by specifying options directly on the individual CIMI function calls.