An asynchronous implementation of the CIMI protocol that returns core.async channels from all functions. The returned channel contains a single result (or error message) unless an event stream was requested.


(->cimi-async endpoint modules-endpoint runs-endpoint state)

Positional factory function for class sixsq.slipstream.client.async.cimi-async.


Default cloud entry point endpoint defaults to the Nuvla service.


(instance)(instance cep-endpoint)(instance cep-endpoint default-options)

A convenience function for creating an asynchronous, concrete instance of the CIMI protocol. All the CIMI functions for this client return a core.async channel. Use of this function is strongly preferred to the raw constructor (->cimi-async).

If the endpoint is not provided or is nil, the default endpoint will be used.

Optionally, you may also provide a default set of options that will be applied to all requests. The supported options are:

  • :insecure? - a boolean value to turn off/on the SSL certificate checking. This defaults to false. This option is only effective when using Clojure.
  • :sse? - a boolean value to indicate that a channel of Server Sent Events should be returned. Defaults to false. This option is only effective for the get and search functions.
  • :events - a set of message types to return when :sse? is true. You can select all messages by adding :* to the set. The default is to only accept :message events.

You can override your provided defaults by specifying options directly on the individual CIMI function calls.